Thirteen _blood of the sinner

King Albert"

I have been sleeping a lot of the century peacefully. Cause I really know that my bastard son is already dead. But now...

I can feel, I can hear the blood of my bastard son is flowing. "ROAR" after a lot of centuries pass by. Why now? The place is scattered where I was sleeping. I can hear it every single rockfall from the quake I made. My power is all over the place. "ROAR" whoever hears my voice I know is afraid I can feel them.

"Whoever descendant of mine hears me I need blood! Give me!"

I heard a woman's voice.

"yes my lord" and indeed a minute passed a human voice echo and a sword cutting flesh sound filled the air. Every drop of the blood is music through my ear that I wouldn't hear for centuries. And now my system is pouring every second of human blood. I feel alive again. My almost skeleton figure is slowly floating in the air. Well, I guess some power left into my body still for over a century.

My bastard son I assure you that you will live only for not too lon
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