Thirty six_ The voice

THABHEX elder Raoul" power fire."

"Orfeo I'm sorry to tell you this but Wulfsige is missing." I look at my grandson and his fist is clenching. "What did you say was missing? Grandfather? I just talked to him three days ago."

I sigh "I don't know but a lot of young wolves have been missing lately and I think that Wulfsige is one of them."

"no! I won't believe you!"

"What are you going to do? Orfeo?"

"I will find who's behind this grandfather. Let me out!"

"But you still couldn't control your power."

"I'm almost there grandpa."


ORFEO" Wulfsige twin black fire and voice"**

I have been pleading to my grandfather since I was a child I was in prison here at the THABHEX forest jail and no one visited me often other than my twin. I have been pent-up here since I accidentally killed my parents because of my power when I was a child. The elder was afraid that I could do much worse if I stayed with them and since then I try and try to practice my power to control it. Wulfsige and I
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