Chapter 68 An Angry Slap For The Fake Damsel In Distress

Granduncle had his hands behind him as he went to the living room.

Grandaunt held the reading glasses in one hand and the watering can in the other as she continued to water the blooming flowers on the windowsill.

The living room had an old cabinet with red lacquer and large peony patterns. Every green leaf that was drawn on looked very realistic.

He opened the cabinet.

There was a stack of newspapers on the left side of the cabinet. Granduncle had a habit of collecting old newspapers.

On the top of the stack, there was a thick photo album.

Granduncle took out the photo album and flipped through it until he found the photo that was bugging him.

There were four people in the photo—granduncle himself when he was young, and three other girls in their 20s.

In that photo, Allison stood in the middle with red trousers that were very popular in that era. However, she did not look as happy as the other two girls.

On the left of Allison was Grandaunt when she was young.

On the right
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Joann Pearson
I'm not liking where this story going ... say it isn't so ...‍♀️
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Faezah Az
suddenly a supernatural char in this story?

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