Chapter 86 Crying Like A Wounded Little Animal

"What did you just say?"

Bianca's face stiffened.

Allison must be joking.

Perhaps that rich lady really hated her to the extreme and wanted to separate Luke from her. However, it was a little absurd to say such blatant lies.

"I said, you’re my daughter. Am I not clear enough?" Allison finished her sentence, reached out, and picked up her coffee cup. She took a sip from it, then raised her head to show an expressionless face. "So you can’t be together with Luke.”

Bianca stared at Allison across her. One of Bianca’s hands was clasped across her other hand beneath the table. Her palms were slick with cold sweat.

She never told Allison that she had lost her biological mother when she was a child. ‘How does Allison know about this? Did Luke tell her about it?’

Bianca's mind was in a mess.

She also remembered that Allison was the mistress who separated Susan, who had gone crazy that day, and Luke's father, Zachary. Allison then succeeded in taking over Susan’s position in the family.
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Kim Naomi Summer
sad reality
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Joann Pearson
I knew it was heading this way sad

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