Chapter 89 How Could He Stop?!

Luke could not tell what Bianca was thinking. That feeling made him panic because he had hoped that they were able to know what each other was thinking in their relationship.

"Come here," he said those two words softly as he stretched out his arms and pulled her into his embrace.

The moment the man’s big hand touched Bianca's back, she shuddered. Each distinct finger of his was like a soldering iron that burnt her skin.

"Let go, don't hug me..." Bianca said tiredly and hoarsely.

The woman in his arms had lost all her strength to break free.

Luke hugged her even more tightly. His thin lips started from her forehead and kissed down inch by inch, sliding across her cheeks and finding her lips…

When both of their lips touched, Bianca cried out loud.

Luke stopped all of his movements as his body stiffened. She felt his hot and rapid breath on her lips.

"If you do this again, I will disappear completely from your sight from tomorrow onward." Bianca threatened.

She was cornered.

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