Chapter 2546 Want To Eat Her

“Right now…” The corner of Belle’s lips was raised slightly. “Let’s not talk about that now. I heard that Mallory Corporation will hold a shareholder’s meeting in a few days, right?”

“So?” Pierre raised his eyebrows. After the woman in front of him piqued his interest, he was no longer looking at Luca hatefully.

Whether it be Luca or Luke, he would take his revenge on them for what they did to him, so there was no need to do anything right now.

Luca was calm. She would not be intimidated by his gaze anyway.

“I’ve also heard some rumors that this shareholder’s meeting is to recall your brother, Percy, from the position of CEO. Thus, you’ll be electing a new CEO for Mallory Corporation. If the rumors are true, then I guess that person will be you, right?” Belle asked him.

The moment the news of the shareholder’s meeting was made public, rumors started spreading like wildfire.

Percy’s dark past had also been exposed without regard to whether they were true or not.

When Belle saw th
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