Chapter 2549 We Don't Believe In These

Warren did not ask for more details. After he entered the address, he followed the navigation app and started driving.

As soon as the car pulled out to the roadside, Luca noticed that a black Corolla was following them.

She put on a faint smile and reminded Warren, "There's a black Corolla following us."

"Yes." Warren glanced through the rear mirror and saw the black Corolla she was referring to.

"This car has been parked near the office," he said. Warren would wander around and inspect while he was waiting for Luca. He was Gale's subordinate and had undergone special training, so he was alert to his surrounding environment.

"Mm." Luca nodded. ‘It seems that Gale's subordinates are not bad.’

"How did you know that they’re after you?" Warren asked.

"When I was eating lunch, they were taking photos and the flash went off," Luca explained. She was not a movie star who was used to the camera, so she was sensitive to flashes as such.

She would not necessarily have noticed if the fla
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