Chapter 2550 Challenging The Boss' Patience

"I'll head home to cook now." Luca made an excuse, hurriedly unlocked the door, and walked into the apartment.

As she stared at the closed apartment door, Mrs. Selley shuddered and sighed as she said, "Youngsters today are so bold. They dare to live anywhere."

Mrs. Selley thought of the gust of wind that blew when the door closed just now and shuddered again. "That house is spine-chilling."

Luca walked into the apartment and found that the lights were on, indicating that Amur had returned.

"Amur?" she called out to him.

The apartment was empty, and her voice was the only thing that proved that someone was there. Luca was puzzled, so she picked up the phone and called him.

Amur answered as soon as the call was connected.

"Amur, why aren't you in the apartment?" Luca asked.

"I'm doing some shopping," Amur replied.

Luca could hear that the background on his end was a bit noisy. He seemed to be on the street, so she said, "Okay, I'll start cooking now. Come after you’re done shopp
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