Chapter 2559 You Don’t Have To Throw The Game For Her

"This isn't to my credit. Grandpa Rayne, it was you who was willing to cooperate with me," Luca replied with a smile. She felt assured after knowing that his health had improved.

Old Man Rayne said proudly, "Yes. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have someone to treat me so effectively."

Yesterday, Old Man Rayne had a video call with his friends who lived in the countryside. His friends were astonished to see how energetic he looked and how he looked so much better than before. They even asked what supplements did Old Man Rayne take.

Old Man Rayne proudly claimed that he had his own secret weapon, but it was not supplements.

His friends kept asking him, trying to find out what the secret weapon Old Man Rayne mentioned was.

However, Old Man Rayne did not tell them. He did not forget what Luke had told him. Luca's job was to do drug research and development instead of helping others to nurse their health.

She was usually busy with work.

Thus, no matter how hard his friends t
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