Chapter 2561 So Straightforward

Luca was startled for a moment. She did not expect Luke to be so straightforward.

It took Luca a few seconds to come back to her senses. After she tried to put her thoughts into words, she said, “I realized Ms. Rayne’s hands were cold today. It’s unusual for her hands to be freezing in a warm space. I asked her to make an appointment for a medical examination tomorrow. I’d like to know the results of her medical examination.”

Luke nodded after he heard what Luca said. “Sure. I’ll ask the doctor working at the health clinic to send a copy of the report to your email.”

“Okay.” Luca paused for a moment. “I’ll help her improve her health if there’s something wrong with her.”

“She’ll be grateful if you can help her with that,” said Luke. The doctor would always inform him of their health condition after their medical examination.

Wanda had always had issues with her health. Sometimes, she had to take some medicine to nurse her health.

The issues recurred on and off again. It had bee
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