Chapter 2562 The Results Weren’t Good

Luca did not disturb him. She turned around and returned to her bedroom.

Luca sat on the edge of the bed. She picked up a book left on the bedside table and began reading.

The book was placed here by Luke. It was a book written in English. The contents of the book were about the current trends in architecture.

Luca was surprised when she read it.

Even though Luke was managing T Corporation, he had never given up learning more professional knowledge about architecture.

Luke was a leader, and he was an architect too.

Luca turned the pages. She even spotted an architect's name that looked familiar to her in one of the cases mentioned in the book. It was Luke's name.

Luca saw the design and the signature under the photo below. It was the name she was familiar with.

A proud feeling aroused within her.

That was how outstanding the man she was in love with was.

Luca continued to turn the pages until the drowsiness kicked in. She glanced at her phone. It was already midnight.

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