Chapter 2563 Spread

“Okay. Send me the image. Here’s my email. 423******,” Johann gave Luca his email.

“Alright. I’ll send it to you now. Thank you, Dr. Park.” After Luca noted down Johann’s email, she ended the call and saved the CT result and color doppler before sending them to Johann.

Johann immediately received the email.

After he downloaded the result, he opened the image and raised his eyebrows.

The intern who stood beside Johann noticed that something was wrong too.

“Dr. Park, isn’t this cancer?” The intern asked. He was the relative of the assistant medical director of the hospital. He pulled some strings to become Johann’s intern as he admired him a lot.

“Yes,” Johann replied and zoomed in to read the result of the report. “Breast cancer.”

“Is this patient a friend of yours?” The intern could not help but ask.

Johann rolled his eyes at him and said, “What did I tell you?”

“Don’t ask questions…” the intern replied embarrassingly.

Johann no longer said anything. If it were not for th
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