Chapter 2564 No Parent Should Have To Bury Their Child

Wanda clasped her hands anxiously and said, “I always take my medicine.”

“Aunt Wanda, the most important thing to do now is to get admitted to the hospital to do a check-up. Conservative treatment isn’t working anymore. You have to listen to the doctor’s arrangement,” Luke said with a stern expression on his face. He was worried Wanda would try to run away from it again.

If the conservative treatment worked for her, then there would be no problem for her to choose any kind of treatment.

However, Wanda was left with no choice now.

Wanda took a deep breath, trying to accept reality.

It happened all of a sudden. Her medical report stated that she had the cancer cells under control, and there was no sign of it getting worse. Yet, there was such a drastic change in her body in just a few months…

“Aunt Wanda, Bianca doesn’t want anything to happen to you. So, you must listen to the doctor’s advice this time. Dr. Park has already contacted another doctor, and he’s going to get in touc
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Com’on book is getting boring! Stop dragging and finish it already!!

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