Chapter 2565 Did Something Happen To Bianca?

“Leave it to Lucy. Just go ahead and pack your stuff.” Old Master Rayne gently pushed Wanda’s hands.

The maid Luke hired was responsible. There were many things Wanda did not have to worry about. It was just that she was used to worrying about these things, and she could not get used to leaving them to someone else to do.

Wanda nodded and rose to her feet when she saw how dutiful Lucy was. She reminded Lucy, “Please take good care of Old Master Rayne.”

“I will, Ms. Rayne.” Lucy who stood beside her nodded.

After Wanda left, Old Master Rayne asked Lucy, “Do you know what Luke said to her just now?”

Lucy shook her head. “Old Master Rayne, I came upstairs to look after you when Mr. Crawford came. I didn’t hear what they were talking about.”

Old Master Rayne’s eyes darkened. He could sense a hint of sadness in Wanda’s eyes.

Wanda should be happy to go on a vacation. What happened?

Did something happen to Bianca?

It was unlikely that something would happen to her. Even though she
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More chapters! Book is getting boring, get to the point and reunite Luca with her baby girl and bring her home already!

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