Chapter 2566 To Stay Alive

“You should rest on Saturdays. Why did you come all the way here? It’s troublesome.” Wanda smiled. She felt a little embarrassed when she found out that Luca came to visit her.

"I heard you got admitted to the hospital to receive treatment. I'd like to see if there's anything I can help with," replied Luca.

Although naturopathy did not work for Wanda, the techniques Luca learned from Shanks might be useful.

“Thank you…” Wanda sincerely thanked Luca knowing that she would like to help. Wanda also realized she had not thanked Luca for reminding her that she should head for a medical check-up. Hence, she said, “And thank you for reminding me back then. Otherwise, it would’ve been too late when I went for a medical examination next time.”

“Ms. Rayne, stop thinking too much. Listen to the doctor’s advice and receive the treatment given to you. Let’s talk about the other stuff next time.” Luca knew Wanda was feeling upset.

Wanda had spent her life living gracefully.

Even though she got
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Boni Dube
Honestly. This is an insult. Just reading a few paragraphs is supposed to be enough. We have spent years reading ... the book and expect better. Are we penalised for the interest in the book.

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