Chapter 2567 Why Did She Not Become A Doctor?

“Dr. Park, I’d like to nurse Ms. Rayne’s health when she’s receiving chemotherapy to reduce her pain,” suggested Luca.

Johann was Wanda’s attending physician. Luca had to get his permission to nurse Wanda’s health.

Furthermore, Luca did not have a medical license. She was not allowed to practice anything in the hospital without Johann’s permission.

“Sure. No problem,” Johann agreed without a second thought.

Johann knew how capable Luca was. Her skills would be more than enough if she were to work in the naturopathy department in the hospital and become a specialist.

“Thank you. I didn’t expect you to agree to it.” Luca did not expect Johann would agree to it quickly. She wondered if Luke had told him something.

“Why should I go against it when your practice can reduce the patient’s pain?” replied Johann. Many patients would pick naturopathy treatment when they were receiving chemotherapy.

However, the effects of reducing the pain were insignificant.

“Let me help you to appl
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