Chapter 2569 Leia, Shut Up!

“How’s that possible? All I think about is how to get my hands on her.” The expression on Matysh’s face was hideous. The longer it took, the more impatient he got.

“Why don’t we ask them to make a move tomorrow?” Mandy mocked him.

Mandy knew that she would not be staying by Matysh’s side for long. Hence, she only wanted to get a huge amount of money from him and end the meaningless relationship.

After all, Mandy would not force anything when she knew she would not be able to get Matysh. It would be better for her to get an amount of money and look for another guy.

Matysh frowned when he heard Mandy’s suggestion. He clearly disagreed with her. “That’s too hasty.”

"She's just a woman. Isn't she something that you can get any time you want? Why would you listen to what those people say? Their plans need time. Your family must be dissatisfied with the fact that you've been staying here and refusing to go back, right?" Mandy's advice went unheeded.

Mandy had been staying by Matysh’s
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What is going on here, is the Author getting frkn lazy now???? This is ridiculous!!!!! Need more chapters you SCAMMERS!!!!!

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