Chapter 2612 Nina's Husband

Rhett nodded. Then, there was a pop.


Amur’s blood then started to flow into the blood collection tube.

Luca succeeded in inserting the needle with her left hand.

“Dr. Craw, how much blood do you need?” asked Rhett.

“One tube would be enough.”

“Make it two.”

Luca and Amur spoke at the same time.

Rhett glanced at Luca and then turned to look at Amur. He would only listen to Luca's instructions.

After one tube of blood had been drawn, Rhett picked up the cotton swab and immediately pressed it on the wound after removing the needle.

“It’s okay. You can draw more.” frowned Amur. He wanted to try his best to help Luca.

“This is enough, Amur.” Luca shook her head. “One tube of blood is enough for many experiments.”

Amur had no choice but to nod and listen to her.

"Press the wound with the cotton swab. My hand wasn't very stable when I inserted the needle. The wound might swell later. If it's swollen, buy an antibiotic ointment and apply it. You hear me?" Luca reminded hi
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