Chapter 2613 Witness Her Happy Moments

The hotel doorman was being careful. After he asked for Luca’s name and made sure that her name was on the guest list, he enthusiastically brought her upstairs.

The doormoon pushed the door open when they arrived at the private room, “Ms. Craw, you came early. Please take a rest first.”

Luca frowned and asked, “No one’s here yet?”

“Yes. You’re the first to arrive,” replied the doorman.

Luca nodded. If she had known she would be the first to arrive, she would not have left the office so early.

Luca walked into the room.

A waiter immediately entered the room to serve a fruit plate and pour Luca a glass of water. The service provided was swift and attentive.

“Miss, may I know if you need anything else?” asked the waiter in a soft voice.

“I’m fine. Thank you.” Luca shook her head. The waiter’s attitude was friendly and she was simply not used to it.

Luca had experienced all kinds of hospitality when she accompanied Luke in the past.

Now however, it had been a long time sinc
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When will this story end. It’s already chapter 2613

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