Chapter 2617 Well-Hidden

“Yes, Mrs. Mallory.” The maid immediately went to prepare.

After a while, Madam Mallory carried a tray and walked toward Old Master Mallory’s bedroom door. She knocked on the door. The old master’s voice came from inside the room. “Who is it?”

“Father, it’s me,” said Madam Mallory in a soft voice. “Mr. Bennett said that you haven’t eaten anything today. I made supper for you.”

“I’m not eating. You can have it.” Old Master Mallory did not open the door. His voice that came from the room sounded stiff.

Madam Mallory heard the old master’s voice and knew he was still in a rage.

"Father, let's talk." She stood outside the door, pleading. Even if she was able to deal with Pierre's matter without the old master's help, it would take some time for her to settle it.

Pierre would not be able to be patient and wait that long.

Besides, this matter could not be delayed for too long either.

Madam Mallory stood there, waiting for Old Master Mallory to say something.

“Come in.” After a while
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