Chapter 2619 Worried That Pierre Would Go Back On His Word

“Don’t let her have the chance to tell others about this.” Pierre knew what Oswald was thinking about. He did not think of stopping him.

Now, Ms. Malone already knew about Pierre's secret. There was no way he would let her go. This was to prevent her from telling the police that he was here.

Ms. Malone could not be trusted. She was not one of his trustworthy subordinates.

“Got it, Mr. Pierre.” Oswald handed another plastic bag to Pierre and said, “Mr. Pierre, this is the cash we found at the finance department in your office. Look…”

“Take it. I’m staying at your place now, and I’ll be having my meals here. I’ll leave everything to you to arrange. I can’t turn on my phone at the moment, and I can’t use my credit cards either. I’ll need you to pay for me.” After that, Pierre lay down on the sofa.

Oswald responded, “Okay, Mr. Pierre. I’ll ask someone to clean up a room for you. I’ll make sure the room’s clean and tidy so that you can have a comfortable stay.”

Pierre waved his hand
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