Chapter 198 An Intimate Yet Awkward Atmosphere

After Luke's car left the courtyard, the workers lost all mood to sleep.

The boss had arrived suddenly, and he had departed from the scene just as quickly, like a passing gust of wind.

However, they were inexplicably nervous.

It felt as though their boss was conducting a spot check on their work.

They thought that their performance was not up to standard, and it was unacceptable in their boss's eyes.

Joe could not contain his curiosity anymore and asked his colleagues, "How's the relationship between our boss and his Cayenne-driving cousin?"

His colleagues all shook their heads.

"How would we know?" One of the female colleagues answered. "The boss has always kept his personal life a secret. Even the paparazzi couldn't find out anything."

All that was known about their boss's personal life was a photograph exclusively published in a recently popular magazine, showing their boss bringing his son and daughter out for breakfast one early morning.

Many female workers in th
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