Chapter 220 Do You Want to Be My Daddy’s Wife, Miss Bea?

Luke looked at Bianca and tried to discern her feelings.

When Luke was a child, he did not have his father and mother by his side. However, he knew that his mother was the one who sent him to an orphanage.

In those few years living in the orphanage, his mother had visited him a few times. Back then, he had several questions.

'Who is my father?

'Why does my father never come to see me?

'Does my father want me?'

Luke knew how it felt to be abandoned, and that was why he wanted to shower all his love and care on Bianca.

However, he knew that he could never match the love and care given by one's parents.

Bianca had never met her mother.

Like Rainie sitting next to her and Lanie sitting opposite her, they had always eagerly hoped that their mother would appear in their lives and love them.

Unfortunately, Bianca's mother never appeared, even until the day she became a mother herself…

Lanie was sitting next to his father and eating his meal like a gentleman. At that mome
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