Chapter 253 Missing Bianca At Home

Jack sized up the man who had claimed his daughter's heart. The man was robust and mature. He looked like a man who had succeeded in life.

Furthermore, the man knew that he was the Provincial Committee Secretary but had no intention of sucking up to him. He was polite but kept his distance.

Jack nodded in satisfaction. Luke was a man worthy of Leia's affection. If his daughter wanted him, then he would do his best to fulfill her wishes.

After Jack introduced Leia to Luke, he asked, "I've heard that the CEO of T Corporation is a man of many talents, and now that I've met you, that seems to be the case. I wonder if you are married?"

"I'm not married, but I have two five-year-old children."

Every gesture that Luke made caused Leia to swoon.

Jack was slightly disappointed when he heard that Luke had two children.

However, he did not mind that, seeing how infatuated his daughter was and considering the wealth and influence Luke wielded. If he married Leia, then she could event
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