Chapter 369 In Her Anger, Bianca Slapped Him Hard!

The cab sped along the road and stopped at a hospital belonging to Mallory Corporation.

Bianca threw the driver a twenty-dollar bill and rushed out of the cab before getting the change.

The spacious hospital ward smelled of disinfectant.

Nina's diminutive figure was curled up miserably on the bed.

Bianca felt her heart wrench and her throat go dry. She could not speak a word.

She walked in front of Nina and called out her name. "Nina…"

Nina turned to look at her with teary eyes.

Bianca hugged her but accidentally touched her abdomen, which caused her to yelp in pain.

When Bianca lifted Nina's hospital shirt and saw that her abdominal area was thickly wrapped in bandages, her eyes opened wide, and her mind started buzzing. "Your stomach…"

Nina's shoulder-length hair was scattered over her neck, and her face was wet with tears.

More horrifically, bloodstains could be seen on the bandages wrapped around her abdomen, which made Bianca feel extremely uneasy.

Bianca's f
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