Chapter 463 Holding Incriminating Evidence of Luke

As the phone continued to ring incessantly, Bianca had the urge to smash it into pieces!

She dared not do so. The other party possessed incriminating evidence about Luke.

Finally, Bianca braced herself and tapped on the answer button.

Instantly, she heard someone screaming angrily from the other side. "Did you ignore what I told you, Bianca Rayne? If you want it that way, fine! I'm standing at the entrance of the Public Integrity Committee now. I'll hand in the CD, and that'll be the end of Luke Crawford!"

In case Bianca did not believe it, the woman sent a message shortly after saying that.

Bianca opened the message. It was a selfie.

The woman in the shades was holding a CD in her hand. She was indeed standing in front of the Public Integrity Committee building. On her lips was a smug grin.

Bianca's heart beat faster when she saw that, but her blood was thick like glue.

Luke would be ruined once the CD fell into the hands of the Public Integrity Committee.

Not even L
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it's interesting but please please don't stop engagement and clear both of problem

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