Chapter 504 Queenie Found Out That Bianca Was Hospitalized!

Anand looked obsessively at Bianca on the hospital bed. She might be seriously injured, and her legs were in a bulky plaster cast, but in her eyes, the young woman who was silently reading a book on the bed was like a goddess that had appeared in a dream.

Bianca averted Anand's passionate gaze. She coughed lightly and said unhappily, "Anand, I've already told you that I have a fiance, and we are going to be married soon. I will hand you the invitation personally. Please don't say such words again; it will cause misunderstandings, and I have no affection toward you. Also, my fiance is very nice to me. He'll keep me company in the hospital every night. It's just that he's tied up with work now, but he'll come back here as soon as he's done."

Anand felt a little sad when Bianca rejected him.

However, he did not give up. He walked up and sat down on a chair next to Bianca.

He waved his hands a few times and suddenly pulled out a beautiful red rose out of thin air. "This is for you,
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