Chapter 511 Her Petite Body Was Almost Crushed By Him!

Seeing that the man was still unconscious, Nina returned to her car and hurriedly dialed 911.

Then, she returned to the man.

"Sir, wake up! Can you hear me?" She went to check if the man was breathing again.

Before she could touch his nose, the man suddenly opened his eyes.

At the same time, lightning flashed and Nina saw the man's deep gaze. She was so scared that she almost fainted...

Her finger was trembling as she pointed it at him. She asked, "You… You… Are you a human or a ghost?"

Johann Stiles' indifferent gaze swept across Nina's body and finally landed on her ordinary face. "You fool, you hit me!"

He felt like he had the worst luck today. He had five major surgeries back to back that day, so he was extremely tired. Before he could get some rest, he received an emergency call to attend to a general’s child.

After he was done, he did not expect to encounter such horrible weather when he was heading home.

His car even broke down on the
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