Chapter 543 Something Happened To Their Daughter!

Luke carried Bianca to the bedroom and kissed her fair forehead. "Why aren’t you sleeping in the room?"

Bianca stayed in his arms like an obedient kitten, and there was still a hint of drowsiness in her voice. "I thought you'd be back soon. Who knew you’d come back so late..."

"I'm indeed a little busy recently. Something went wrong with the partnership with Vivi Group, and the maid arson case is about to be heard in court. I'll spend time with you and the baby after dealing with these matters." Luke put her on the big bed.

"Are these things troublesome?" Bianca frowned.

Luke said, "The problem with the partnership has been resolved, and we're still working on the arson case."

Bianca heaved a long sigh as she recalled Giovan jumping from the building after the arson case.

The whole country had been in shock since the arson case.

Luke pushed Bianca's messy hair aside, revealing her delicate little face. "Deciding on a verdict isn't as easy as you think."

Bianca was upset. "Are w
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