Chapter 557 I Am Bianca’s Husband

Right after Bella finished speaking, the classroom instantly erupted in surprised exclamations!

The architect certification test was a national test, and the consequences for cheating were harsh. Not only would the results of this test be annulled, but the candidate could not take any more technical certification tests for the next two years!

In serious cases, the perpetrator would be criminally viable!

The invigilators opened their eyes wide as they looked at Bianca!

The other candidates also looked at Bianca differently.

They did not expect that the beautiful and gentle pregnant woman would be cheating!

The invigilator walked up next to Bianca and looked at Bella sternly. "What happened?"

Bella pointed a finger at Bella and said maliciously, "Sir, I noticed that when she was tidying her answer sheets, a ball of paper fell out and landed under her chair. She must be cheating!"

Then, her finger pointed to a spot below Bianca's chair.

Everyone followed her finger and s
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