Chapter 559 Luke Forcefully Hugged Her In His Arms!

The investigation in the office lasted until nighttime.

However, the invigilators' attitude toward Bianca had improved a lot.

Now, Julie was willing to be a witness for Bianca's innocence, and that had made Bianca feel less helpless.

However, Bella remained insistent. "I don't care what she says, she has indeed cheated. I saw with my eyes that the ball of paper fell from her hands!"

"I did not cheat, Sir."

Right after Bianca finished speaking, Julie nodded. "I can testify for Bianca, Sir. She is telling the truth. I saw Bianca put her notes in her handbag.

Bella saw that things were not going her way. She instantly shouted, "Sir, I believe that they are complicit with each other. They must be friends that have known each other for a long time, so she's willing to give a false statement to help Bianca!"

Julie spoke to the invigilator in a serious tone. "No, Ms. Rayne and I knew each other earlier today, and we have never met before. I volunteer to speak out for her because
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