Chapter 601 Bianca Embarrassed, Luke Livid With Rage

The next day, T Corporation.

It was lunchtime. Bianca and her colleagues went to a restaurant for lunch.

The restaurant was on the second floor. Through the large transparent glass windows, she could get a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery outside.

Bianca ordered fish and chips with a salad and tomato soup on the side. She sat at the table in front of the window with Sue, Nina, and Julie. She began eating.

Bianca no longer suffered from morning sickness so her appetite had increased as well.

On the other hand, Sue was more than eight months along and almost vomited whatever she ate.

"Bea, why is your appetite so good? Why can't I eat anything?"

Sue was envious of Bianca's appetite. She put her hands on her cheeks and watched Bianca eagerly eat her fish and chips.

Sue went for vegan food, and there was not a trace of meat in front of her.

"Sue, is the baby in your stomach a picky eater? Would you like to eat some chili to suppress it?"
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