Chapter 609 Her Face Instantly Contorted!

The extravagant red carpet started from the paved path outside the hotel and stretched inside. On both sides of the carpet were reporters from various media outlets as well as paparazzi.

Cameras flashed non-stop. It was brighter than the sun in the sky.

A fleet of luxury cars was parked outside, indicating the elevated statuses of their owners.

After all, those invited to the party were luminaries in the political and business circles. It was a great honor to be invited by Provincial Committee Secretary Jack Norman. That was a confirmation of their status, as well as a great opportunity to get closer to him.

At about nine o'clock, a black Bentley slowed down and stopped not far away from the hotel.

The car door opened.

A tall and well-built man stepped out.

He had impeccable facial features that were unforgettable.

Luke Crawford extended a hand toward the woman in the car.

An ivory-fair hand gently covered his palm. Then, a pair of slender legs in diamond-encrusted fl
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