Chapter 613 Are You Telling Me That Bianca Is Chris’s Granddaughter?

Bianca fell asleep on the journey back home, perhaps because too many things had happened today and that her pregnancy was making her sleepy.

Luke drove slowly on the road. After they arrived at Crawford Manor, he picked up Bianca, who was still fast asleep, and carried her into the bedroom.

He met Allison on the second-floor corridor.

She was furious when she saw how her son was carefully carrying Bianca in his arms. "My son, she's so heavy when she's pregnant. Can't you wake her up and get her to walk upstairs herself? Isn't carrying her very tiring?"

Luke was emotionless. He ignored his mother's exhortations and went toward the bedroom.

After placing Bianca on the bed in a comfortable position, he covered her with a blanket, kissed her forehead, and went downstairs.

Allison had nowhere to release her anger.

She could see that her son's face was thinner because of his workload, and so she ladled a hearty bowl of chicken soup for him.

While handing him the bowl, she co
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Melissa Hix
Omg! So glad the imposter and Leia were exposed!! Now Bianca just needs to put Leia in her place. Wow! Luke told his grandfather the truth, now for it to just get out to everyone 😊 great update!!

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