Chapter 615 She Had To Find Her Birth Daughter No Matter What

Norman residence.

Leia had been having nightmares for the past few days. She dreamed that her misdeed had been exposed and her adoptive parents abandoned her!

She also dreamed that Bianca returned to the Norman household and gloated over her like a victor, while she was reduced to a shivering and hungry orphan, being bullied on the streets!

Leia's mental condition had not been stable since the reunion banquet.

Queenie dared not ask too many questions. She stayed at home to accompany her daughter, though she did not stop sighing.

One late morning, Leia woke up from her nightmares once again. She was drenched in sweat.

The homely and comfortable room was eerily silent and deserted.

Like a lunatic, she dashed out of the room barefoot.

The caretaker in the living was shocked when she saw Leia rushing out with her long hair scattered all over her face. "What happened, Ms. Norman?"

Leia looked around but did not see her mother. She grabbed the caretaker's collar in panic. "
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