Chapter 44 She Saw Luke Looking At Him

Anna was being wholly unreasonable. She yanked Bianca back and forth, messing up the latter’s hair and even scratching her on the neck several times. Bianca’s face was still smarting from before, too.

Anna grabbed Bianca’s hair and refused to let go, cursing, “A woman like you should wear a scarlet letter! Are you that desperate for money? Will you give up your dignity for money? If you like having a sugar daddy, no one would care, but don’t pull my son into this! How are you gonna pay my son back for the past five years of his youth?!”

Bianca could not stand it anymore. Wincing from the pain, she pulled her hair out of Anna’s grip and then shoved the woman away forcefully. “That’s enough!”

Anna was shoved more than a meter away, her face and neck scarlet with anger. Her finger trembled as she pointed at Bianca, “You’re a despicable, shameless hussy! How dare you act like you’re in the right!”

More people started crowding around them, watching the spectacle.

One of the older ladie
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goodnovel comment avatar
I just hope this novel won't take longer chapters to finish. It keeps on updating and I'm beginning to loose my interest on reading.
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan H
I get she's the bff but her mom and brother cray cray. FL you need to stop being nice and put your foot down too, don't be dumb.

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