Chapter 50 A Light Touch Would Send You Shivering In Pleasure

Bianca had to admit that with this man around to protect her, she was feeling doubly safe.

Which woman in this world would not like to be protected by such an outstanding man?

However, whenever you feel that the man was the right person, you would still end up getting yourself hurt. It was only when you were ladened with wounds that you would understand that love could be as sweet as honey and at the same time, it could suddenly become as cold as the blade of a knife.

What would this man leave for her in the end? She did not know, and neither could she afford to bet on it.

Bianca did not say anything to Luke until they reached the entrance of her residential area.

She did not plan to invite Luke in as she did not want him to know which floor and which unit she lived in. Otherwise, he might suddenly appear with his kids at her door.

She was now sharing rent with Nina.

If Nina saw them together, it might bring up some unnecessary misunderstandings.

At the office, Jason and Sue ha
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