♥Amyla Robert♥

It has been hours since my mom checked on me this morning. and went to work later

The Nany I once had was sacked. She was caught right-handed with a man on my bed

Every time I think of that act and look at my bed, I feel like melting

I hate myself so much for being this stupid not to have reported her long ago

The day has passed, and schools have closed

I decided to go through my school forum.

And guess what!?

Some girls who love bullying me a lot send pics of them in class and my empty sit. they wrote this on the post.

"The Maniac of our school didn't come today.

I guess she's trying to solve her parents' divorce issues" 

Below they put many laughing emojis and people commented under mockingly

I just angrily placed the phone down as tears filled my eyes

"How did they know that?" I mumbled 

As I was thinking, the bell rang.

I went downstairs and opened the door

"Is your mom in?" Mr. Laurence (the man who came for dinner last night) asked and I crumpled my brows

"Can I. Come in?" He said again and I open the door wide still not responding

He walked in and I closed the door.

Turning around I


"She's not around."

He looked around the house and said with his eyes still wondering

"Will she be coming back anytime from now?" He asked and I crumpled my brows

"I don't know. Why don't you just call her and ask her for yourself!?" I said and he smirked

"No need for that." He said looking at me from head to toe with lust in his eyes

Since I was young then, I did not know what that meant. neither did I fear

But when he started coming close to me, that is when I realized something is up

I moved backward and he said

"Don't be scared of me...I mean no harm" 

"Then stop...coming so close to me like that," I said nervously

"I said I mean no harm," he said repeating his earlier words and I gulped

As I was about opening the door, he came and held my hand tight

"Let go of me!" I said struggling

"You don't have to resist. Just give in" He said locking the door while holding me

"LET GO!!" I said again resisting and he said

"Just shut up and don't make this any harder for you," He said holding my ways

"I SAID--" I did not finish my statement when he hit me hard on my jaw and I fell 

He hovered over me and without any wasting of time, he completely unzipped his gasp then panties as I laid helplessly in pain holding my jaw

He raised my skirt and completely removed my panties and held my hand's tide positioning himself on me

I closed my eyes in realization to what is about to about...

And the next thing I felt was a hard object inserted in me and I groan in pain

He closed my mouth. With one of his hand while his other handheld my two hands above my head

Tears rolled down my cheeks as he trusted harder without mercy

I felt my world ending...

After he was done, I was so weak then. I found it difficult to breath

He dressed up 

"It was a wonderful time spent with you," He said smiling then left

I just laid there helplessly. Unable to move at all as I kept sobbing

After a moment, I struggled to get up and I saw blood on me.

I was so scared at first. But then, I had to clean it up before my mom comes

I do not intend to tell her because she will just put the blame on me saying I should not have let him in the house like that or something else. Just trying to cover up her carelessness of not being there for her daughter when she needs her the most

I used my cloths to wipe the blood off and struggled and crawled to my room

Unfortunately. My mom came extremely late at night when I was already "asleep" (I pretended to be asleep)

I cried in silence the whole night. As the act kept replaying in my memory

The next day, I felt so exhausted. And more traumatized

We had school today...and there is no way I will be able to go in this condition

I tried getting up. But I could not as I felt a very sharp pain in womanhood

My mom knocked and got into my room since I did not respond

I covered my entire body with my blanket as I shivered

"Are you sick. Amy?" My mom asked and I nodded

"Since when?" She asked again

"Yesterday" I

responded, and she slightly nodded

"I'll get you some drugs then," She said and left while I sigh

Thanks to God she did not ask of me going to school or not.

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Fabrina Valentine
she should have said something. this man is a pig...ūüė≠ūüė≠

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