What's up

♥Amyla Robert♥

We arrived at Jenifer's house, lined out of my mom's car, and knocked at their door.

When her mom opened the door, she smiled widely seeing us. My mom smiled back while I slightly smiled looking behind her if I could see Jenifer.

She let us in, and we sat on the couch while her mom was talking to my mom, my eyes wandered to see if I could find any trace of Jenifer. 

Naturally, going up to Jenifer's' room was not a problem. I just did not want to go there now.

I am sure she must have heard our voices. What is taking her so long to come greet us?

Her mom took note of my wandering eyes and said

"You can go meet her. She's upstairs" 

slightly smiled, got up and moved towards the stairs

"I'll hand over your medications to her. When it is time, she will give you to drink accordingly" My mom said, and I didn't look back but kept moving towards Jenifer's room.

When I arrived in Infront of Jenifer's' room, her door was locked. So,

I had to knock.

I did, 2 times and she told me to come in come in.

 When I got in, she was on her pc typing. She did not even turn around to see me.

I stood there awkwardly staring at the back of her for some time before she turned around and said

"OH. Myla! You're here" 

Myla is the short form of my name. That is how she calls me.

"Hmm" I said smiling slightly

"Sorry I was busy with something much more important. How long have you been standing here?" She asked

"For almost 2minutes. You don't remember telling me to come in?" I asked and she crumpled her brows with her eyes wondering

"Did I!?" She asked and I nodded

"Well. That was that" she said again with a wide smile on her face which I bet was not from her heart.

"So, what's up?" She said rising and moving towards her mirror.

I just stared at her unbelievably and said repeating her words 

"What's up!?" 

She stopped and looked at me through the mirror slightly furrowing her brows

"Yeah what's up?" She asked

"I've texted several times. Yet, no responds. Did something happen to your phone?" I asked and her phone buzzed

She picked it up from her make-up table and send a quick text with a smile on her face.

I just stood there lost. Did she even listen to what I just said? And more to that, her phone looks ok. 

After sending some few messages, she kept it back and picked up her make-up. Applying it on her face she said

"Sorry an emergency. You can ride on" She said still applying her make-up looking at her mirror

"I can see your phone in its best state. So... may I at least know why you haven't been replying to my text?" I asked and she turned around facing me

"I guess I didn't see it" she said, and I raised my brows nodding slightly

"Did anything serious happened?" She asked looking back at her mirror and applying lip glow.

I thought this was the best time to explain what happened to me. At least, I could get it out of my mind. Maybe.

I took a deep breath and said still standing

"I have something to tell you" 

"Ok. I'm listening" she said still not facing me

"Can you at least give your attention in this. It's particularly important." I said and she raised her brows and turned around smiling slightly

"Sure." She said and I sat on her bed

" all started when...." I was saying until I finally explained everything to her.

When I looked up at her, because my head was down all these times, she was just staring at me like seriously.

She had no sign of pity on her face.

But when she realized how I looked at her, she gave me an exaugurated

pity look.

"OH...! Why didn't you tell your mom?" She asked coming closer to me

"I can't. Not anymore. I planned to tell her. But, when I mentioned that beast name, she didn't even listen to my next words as she scolded me" I said almost in the brick of tears as I looked down.

Jenifer sat closer to me and parted my back a little

"That's ok now. She does not know what she is doing. If I was in your shoes, I will not have told her either" she said, and I looked up at her.

"It's good you told me. I appreciate your trust. Not everyone would be bold enough to do this. Thank you so much. And remember, I will always be here for you in cases like this" She said, and I smiled quietly wiping the tears at the corners of my eyes.

"Did you see what was on the schools' forum yesterday?" I asked

"What was?" She asked raising her brows

"About me being a maniac. And how my parents will soon get divorced." I said and she lined her brows

"Omg... I did not see that! I'm so sorry." She said giving me a soft gaze.

"That's ok. It's not your fault." I said looking down at my hands

We were silent for a while and her phone rang she rose and picked her phone from her table answering the call

"Yeah. I will be there soon. In uhh.5minutes from now" she said with a smile on her face

"Nothing important...just...some random talk with an old friend" She said again

"I won't miss it. Trust me girl I'm right on my way" She said again and hung up.

"Are you heading out?" I asked

"Yeah" she said shortly and picked up her bag

"So, when will you be coming back?" I asked

"I don't know. 5pm. I guess" she said not looking at me as she wore her sandals

"I thought, I'll be staying with you for the day!?" I said

"Well. I

do not know. I will see if I will be able to come earlier. I met some new friends at my soon to be school and they invited me for an important game going on in 10minutes from now" she said

"Don't they have classes going on?" I asked

"No. It is the end of year. And students are free. Even though ours are not for now. We still have our stupid exams to complete. While they are done. Isn't that fun!?" She said moving towards her door.

Opening the door, she said 

"I'll keep in touch with you through text" She said and left 


I was in their house all day for 7hrs. I tried texting her once a while but, she did not reply as usual.

She has more important things doing by the way.

I bet she is having lots of fun. I wish I could be that social. How could she get friends within a day!? Wow!!

I have been passing through my assignments on phone, trying to solve and search on google to get help, when a notification appeared from hangout and Instagram.

I opened my Instagram page and saw a pic she posted with one of her new friends. They looked excited and joyous.

Seemed like their team won. If she posted this, means she saw my message.

Whatever! I do not want to think about it.


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