Chapter 4585

Charlie was suddenly a little embarrassed.

Marianne had originally agreed to go out to the food street for dinner with him again tonight.

Although Charlie had verbally made an agreement with Marianne, he intended to stop seeing Marianne after resolving his issues with Shawn to avoid any embarrassment.

Charlie was originally planning to let Shawn explain his identity to Marianne after he was done punishing Shawn. However, he had never expected that Marianne would suddenly appear at the airport in the afternoon.

Charlie felt that he had not only lied to Marianne, but he had also taught her father a lesson. Therefore, Marianne would definitely hate him, so he could not help but feel somewhat guilty toward her.

Unexpectedly, Kathleen took the initiative to mention that she wanted to try out some street food in Hong Kong, which instantly caused Charlie to think of Marianne again.

When Kathleen saw that Charlie was not answering, she asked curiously, “Mr. Wade, are you listening t
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April Padios
Total BS. Would not waste more money for this. Found another place to read this book with more chapters and for free. So good luck to whoever is posting this piece by piece.
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Ronnie Sexton
More 2 chapter BS. My daily devotional is longer than these chapters!

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