Chapter 4591

When Kathleen heard this, she instantly understood that Marianne was not crying because her cell phone had fallen.

So, she said to Charlie, “Oh, Mr. Wade, you still don’t understand women. We are not as tough as boys, so you cannot simply come up with solutions. You have to help us solve the problem directly. I saw someone setting up a stall at the entrance of the mall opposite which is selling some cell phone accessories. Why don’t you hurry up and buy a cell phone case for Miss Marianne according to the model of her cell phone, then?”

As soon as Charlie heard this, he then said without any hesitation, “Okay, you can accompany Miss Marianne first. I’ll go and buy it.”

Upon saying that, Charlie got up and ran out.

Once Charlie was far away, Kathleen held Marianne’s hand and smiled as she asked, “Did you just find out about Mr. Wade’s marriage? It’s okay. I already knew.”

Marianne trembled and then looked up at Kathleen as she nodded lightly and said aggrievedly, “He never told me
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Jayson Dimaano Flores
How come no audio comes up anymore?
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manuel lima
too many chapters...I'm spend a lot of money and time and then release a two or one at time

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