Chapter 4713

Jalen was dumbfounded and said awkwardly, “Martha, it’s not as evil as you make it out to be...”

Martha said expressionlessly, “I don’t know if there is such evil or not. People say that you should not put all your eggs in one basket, but the main point is that you cannot have only one egg. If you have enough eggs, God would also be tired if He were to smash them one by one. Besides, He would also feel numb and indifferent if he smashed too many eggs, and maybe He would stop, then.”

The other three were all shocked when they heard this.

They dared not imagine that Martha was actually referring to her own children and grandchildren when she spoke of these so-called eggs.

What she meant was that even if God were to collect her children and grandchildren one by one, He would also be very tired. If He collected more, he might even miss out on one or two and leave them behind.

Martha did not take the three people’s shock to heart. Instead, she merely asked lightly, “How long will it
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