Chapter 4717

The second daughter-in-law, who was next to her, then blurted out without hesitation, “If even you don’t dare to do it, I naturally wouldn’t dare to do so either!”

As she said that, she cried and said, “The police can seize whatever they want to seize. For so many years, aside from bringing up the children at home, I’ve never done anything illegal in the eyes of the law, so the police definitely will not be able to arrest me.”

When the eldest daughter-in-law heard this, she also chimed in and said, “Yes, that’s right... We are just two women, and aside from giving birth, nursing our children, and raising our children, we do not know of anything else, and we have never done anything illegal. The police will certainly not be able to do anything to us!”

When Martha heard this, the anger deep in her heart surged. She wanted to rush back immediately and hack these two daughters-in-law of hers to death.

She clenched her jaw tightly and said in a cold and hysterical tone, “You have been
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