Chapter 4720

Jalen, who had been secretly mocking Martha, collapsed and lost consciousness in an instant because he could not stand this sudden blow.

Kyler hurriedly helped Jalen who had fallen to the ground up. He massaged him as he said helplessly, “Uncle, weren’t you very open-minded when you were persuading Aunt Martha earlier? Why don’t you have the same mentality when it comes to yourself?”

When Martha saw that Jalen was unconscious, even though she was in despair, her mood seemed to ease a little.

It was as if another acquaintance had suddenly jumped in with her when she was feeling desperate after falling into an abyss.

This somehow comforted her a little.

So, she spoke up and said to Kyler, “What’s the use of squeezing him so hard? He will not wake up even if you knock his front teeth off. Hurry up and pour some water on him to wake him up!”

Kyler looked at Heather, who was next to him, and blurted out, “Go and get some water from the car. Why are you still standing here in a daze
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This 2 Chapters a day SUCKS!!! Unnecessary talking.
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Diane Rigney
Omg are you serious?

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