Chapter 34

Anthony watched Faith's reaction as he finally told her about his dark past. Her eyes were dark and her face twisted into a frown. He didn't even tell her everything yet. He didn't know if he should or not.

"Say something," he said grimly as she wasn't speaking.

"How...who killed her?" Faith asked.

She was trembling slightly. She must be shaken up after hearing his story.

"Her death was ruled as suicide, but I knew she was murdered. She would never kill herself. She wasn't that kind of person," Anthony said. "Though everyone claimed she did it because I got in the way of her and Phil."

Faith cleared her throat. "You don't know if she was murdered. Maybe she did kill herself. What if she was depressed about Phil and..."

"NO!" Anthony cried out. He braced himself as he saw Faith get startled at his outburst. He quickly softened his tone. "She was murdered. I am sure of it. And I think Phil had something to do with it."

Faith gasped. "Yo

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