Chapter 39

Anthony stared at her without blinking. It was as if the shock of Faith's big news stunned him and he didn't know what to do with himself. His eyes turned wide then they lit up with joy.

"Oh, sweetheart!"

Arms fell around Faith, and a scent of aftershave wafted over her instantly, tearing up her eyes.

Anthony's sudden embrace was warm, yet there was no removing that suspicious churning in the pit of her belly. She wanted a child, but the thought of raising a little life with a man she didn't fully trust gave wake to a horrid headache.

They were married, yet there was no ignoring the burning question within her mind: how could she ever trust such a controlling man with her child?

Angela Lynn Carver

Thank you guys so much for bearing with me on this long wait :'-)

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04 19.2022 there have been no new chapters for months.  still no updates, still stuck on chapter 39
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03.03.2022 still on chapter 39 waiting for new chapters
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