Chapter 45

" good," Jody made a loud moaning noise as she bit into her beef stroganoff.

Phil frowned, knowing she was doing it on purpose, just to tick him off.

"Yass... it's the best," she moaned again, and this time, Phil couldn't stay quiet.

"Would you stop?" He barked.

"Stop what?" Jody feigned ignorance.

"Stop moaning and groaning like that, it's unsettling," Phil said.

"Oh stop it! You are so grumpy!" Jody laughed. "I'm just messing around with you."

"Well, stop doing that."

"But this pasta is really good. Are you sure you don't want a bite?" Jody twisted some pasta into her fork and then held it in front of Phil's face.

Phil backed up, his frown deepening. "Yes, I'm sure I don't want any. I don't eat red meat," he said.

"A hunk of man like you don't eat red meat? That is absurd," Jody commented.

"You know what is absurd? You are. You are the most uncouth, ill-mannered woman I've ever met," Phil said bitterly.

"Oh no, daddy, are you mad?" Jody pouted.

"Stop calling me daddy alread
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