Chapter 4

Anthony couldn't believe his ears. This timid, seemingly modest woman was offering her body to save herself from going to prison. He had never realized she could be this shameless.

This wasn't the first time he had received an offer like this. But it was under a different circumstance by someone stark opposite of Faith.

Anthony never accepted. He didn't have time for such a trifling matter. He didn't like to date or mess around like some spoiled billionaire playboy. Time was money, and he didn't like to waste it by chasing after women. He agreed to be engaged to his business partner's daughter, Malcolm Sevirno, simply because he wanted to strengthen their business relationship. There was no love between them.

But Faith's sudden boldness piqued his interest. He was seeing her in a different light. This mousy woman stood her ground and agreed to his ridiculous term just to save herself. How desperate can you get!

Sure, why not. Let's see how long she wi

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