Chapter 6

Faith lay down on the bed, feeling mentally exhausted. Diana was supposed to come back to work in the next few weeks so she wouldn't have to work for Anthony anymore. At least not as his assistant. She could go back to her old position and avoid seeing him around in the office. What a relief would that be?

The house felt calm and quiet after her father died. The old man kept it lively by constantly yelling and screaming at her. Maybe she will finally be able to sleep at night. And perhaps the nightmares will stop? Time will tell.

Faith decided to get up and check on Mary. She should be home from school and doing her homework right now. She paused in front of Mary's room as she heard her talking. Was she not alone? Faith knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Mary chirped from the other side.

Mary was half lying on her bed with her cellphone. "What is it?"

"Who are you talking to?" Faith looked at her questioningly.

"No one."

Faith observed M

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