Chapter 8

She had to dig in her closet to find a nice dress to wear at the Christmas party. She didn't like to buy unnecessary clothes or dress up, so she only had a few clothing items. Luckily, she still had the party dress her mom used to wear that looked flattering to her own figure.

It was a white, backless midi dress that hugged her body. She didn't like to wear something that showed this much skin, but this was all she had.

On the night of the party, she put the dress on. She tied her hair in an elegant bun and put on her mom's pearl necklace. She looked at the mirror and sighed. What was she doing, dressing like that and going to a party like she was a social butterfly? She hated going out and dressing up. If her father was alive, he would've scoffed at her and tell her she looked like a common prostitute.

But he wasn't here anymore, so she didn't have to be subjected to his scrutiny any longer. She wondered what Anthony would think of her dress.

What the he

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